A Customized medical tour package

All as per your Need and Budget, only for you.

Appointment Booking

Travel Assistance

Hotel Accomodation


Local Transportation

Local Guide

Additional Services

 At Alpyus, we strive to make your medical tour healthier, comfortable and rejuvenating for you. Apart from the above mentioned service, we have additional offering with you can avail.

24x7 Medical Assistance

We have a doctor 24x7 to assist you and guide you.

Assistance in Availing government Schemes

Are you low on finance? Need assistance in availing government schemes? We provide that too.

Post Checkup Tour

If, post your treatment and checkup, you would like to explore the city, we got your back.

Health Insurance

We also provide health insurance from third-party vendors on request.

Digital medical document

Are you scared of losing your document? We have a solution. You can have a digital copy of your document safely and securely kept at our system.

Fully customized food

During your visit, want a food completely customized just like home, with only ingredients of your choice to be used? We have an option for that as well.


What all is included in the package?

The package includes appointment booking, travel, stay, food, local transportation and local guide. Additional amenities can be added on request.

How do I make payment?

Currently we accept payment as Cheque, Bank Transfer, payment by link and UPI.

I am confused which doctor to see. What should I do?

We have got a doctor to assist you in choosing the best hospital and doctor for your checkup.

What is the cost of the package?

There is no definite cost of the package. It ranges as per your requirements. We curate the package especially for you to meet your budget requirement and deliver the best service to you.

What if I face issue during my travel?

We have 24x7 on-site assistant to meet all your requirement and assist you whenever you need us.

I want to cancel the package. What should I do?

We provide free cancellation of the package if done prior to booking of travel tickets, appointments and hotel. In case the tickets, hotels and appointment has been booked and cancellation is done prior to 3 days of arrival, after deducting the cancellation amount as for travel, hotel and appointment, the entire amount will be refunded. If cancelled 0-3 days of arrival, 50% of amount will be charged as cancellation charge. If no show up, no refunds will be made.